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Vacation in autumn: 6 special destinations in Europe

A vacation in autumn offers countless possibilities: In some countries it is still warm. In other places you can wonderfully observe the change of seasons. And then there are regions where it is already so cold that you can prepare yourself for cozy evenings by the fireplace.

To help you decide which trip to take this fall, we've picked out six destinations you should visit - alone, as a couple, with your kids or as a group.

Vacation in autumn - where is it warm?

You don't want to let go of summer yet? Then you should choose a destination where it is still warm. Whether "quickly by plane" or "get in the car and go" - let yourself be inspired by our vacation ideas:

Off to the sun - autumn vacation in Europe

In Europe, the rule of thumb is simple: the further south you go, the greater your guarantee of warm weather. The warmest weather until October is on Cyprus. Here you can still enjoy the sun with an average daily temperature of 28 degrees. But also Kos, Crete, Malta, Corsica, Sardinia, Mallorca and Ibiza are in no way inferior to the Mediterranean island in terms of summer feeling.

Those who prefer to stay on the mainland will be happy in the Algarve in Portugal, Andalusia in southern Spain, Italy's Amalfi Coast, France's Côte d'Azur and Croatia's coast.

It's still warm here: our three travel tips

#1 City Trip to Seville

Many claim that Seville is the most beautiful city in Spain. Of course, that is always in the eye of the beholder. However, no one can deny that: The Andalusian capital has an above-average number of sights and a flair that you won't find in any other place. The buildings are magnificent, the atmosphere lively, the cuisine delicious-regional and the people warmly relaxed.

On an October day, the thermometer here can still climb up to 27 degrees. So you should pack shorts and T-shirts in your suitcase.

One of the hottest - and most popular - squares is the Plaza de España. It is also called "Seville's frying pan" with a wink. In summer, it's almost unbearable here. So it's ideal that you're here in the fall.

In addition to the Plaza - which, by the way, served as a backdrop for "Star Wars: Episode 2" - the Alcázar Palace, the Cathedral, the Palacio de las Dueñas and the University are absolutely worth seeing. It's also great to just stroll through the pleasant maze of alleys in the old town. This is considered the oldest historical center in Europe and is often compared with Venice. The big advantage: Seville is nowhere near as crowded.

Another thing you shouldn't miss in the birthplace of flamenco? Churros - the Spanish lard pastry. The supposedly best churros in Seville can be found in the bar El Comercio.

#2 Road trip through Tuscany

Road trips by car are a great way to see several places at once. In addition, you have the advantage that you are not bound to flight times and can decide spontaneously where you want to go.

We are big fans of Tuscany. In October, it's still up to 20 degrees here. We're particularly taken with Florence, with its historic charm, all the impressive buildings, and all the art. We love to stroll through the shady streets, eat creamy pistachio ice cream from Rivareno Gelato and make stops at the most famous museums like the Uffizi.

If you are driving to Florence, you should be aware that many Italian cities have introduced so-called "Zona a Traffico Limitato" - traffic-calmed zones. Here you are only allowed to be on the street at certain times. Just check with "Visit Florence", follow the rules and you'll be able to enjoy your road trip happily and without a ticket.

From Florence you can continue fantastically to San Gimignano. The walled hill town is known as the "Manhattan of Tuscany". This is due to the skyline with 15 historic towers that rise far into the air and are circled by birds. Here, too, you can stroll through the alleys and soak up the Italian historical flair. Or you can move a bit out of the city. The area around San Gimignano is the most beautiful in Tuscany - just as you know it from postcards and movies.

Here you should stay in an agriturismo accommodation. These are charming farms and wineries that are run by local residents and are perfectly equipped for a vacation - sometimes even with a pool. Our top tip: the Agrivilla I Pini in the picturesque hills. Hike and bike in the sun of the Tuscan countryside or relax in the thermal baths of the region.

Other great cities for a road trip through Tuscany are: Siena, Volterra, Lucca and Pisa. And it's always worth taking a detour to the wine region of Chianti.

#3 Bicycle tours in Mallorca

At about 23 degrees, you can be really active again in October on Mallorca. The island off the coast of Spain attracts with great bike routes and organized bike tours. Of course, it does that all year round. But autumn is simply the most beautiful time - the landscape is bathed in golden light, but the sun no longer burns down too strongly.

Whether leisurely pedaling or full-speed cycling - there's something for every level: Cool racing bike tours among women are organized by "Girls Cycle Hamburg," for example. The places are often limited to only 12 participants, so that a family atmosphere is created - during the daily tours as well as during the get-together in the shared finca with pool.

Or you can book your road bike tour with "Bike for Passion". The provider specializes in Mallorca tours and gives you four levels to choose from. For eight days, there are different stages where you can admire the landscape - for example, the bay of Alcudia - from the bike.

You don't like to ride in a group and prefer to go full throttle alone? Then there are enough routes on Mallorca that you can conquer without company. The 10.2-kilometer route from Sa Calobra to Coll dels Reis is extremely popular. The highlight: the notorious 270° bend. The route is one of the most extraordinary roads in the world and is also used by professional cyclists for training. Red Bull has put together nine other incredible tours here.
So, helmet on, get on the bike and go!

You want to discover even more destinations within Europe? Here we have listed our top 5.

It's getting cozy here: Our three travel tips

Warm pumpkin soup, cozy blankets, flickering candles. If you feel like spending autumn in a really cozy way, you don't need a trip to the sun, but rather something different. We're thinking, for example, of a vacation home with a fireplace on the stormy North Sea, hikes through vineyards, and a small town that looks like a dollhouse.

#1 Blow through at the North Sea

The poet Theodor Storm once wrote about the "gray town by the sea," referring to his hometown of Husum on the North Sea. What sounds depressing at first is in fact anything but dreary. You will see: Things are colorful in Husum - with colorful house facades around the harbor basin, the colorful hustle and bustle on the water and the bright red crabs fresh from the sea.

In Husum you have everything: beach, North Sea and harbor flair. We especially like to walk up to the Schobüll pier, stand here in the fresh autumn wind and just let our eyes wander over the landscape.

On the way back, we pick up a fresh crab roll at the "Husumer Krabben Brötchen" and make ourselves comfortable in front of the fireplace in the listed vacation home "Alte Perle". Another Cozy Tip: You'll be especially cozy in this Tiny House on the Osterdeich.

#2 Hiking in the vineyards

From Bockenheim south of Frankfurt to Schweigen on the French border. Through forests and vineyards. Along many castles and palaces. It is a unique 85 kilometers that turn Rhineland-Palatinate into the "Wine Country Palatinate" and attract vacationers to the oldest German Wine Route.

Each place along the route has its own quaint charm. Bad Dürkheim is home to the largest wine barrel in the world. Historic Deidesheim has held the title of "Highlight of Wine Culture" since 2010. And in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Palatinate Forest, you can experience the interplay of the vineyard landscape on 25 hiking trails.

We were particularly taken with St. Martin for a short vacation. The wine and climatic health resort is picturesquely nestled in a small valley at the foot of the Palatinate Forest. If you stroll through the medieval alleys with stately half-timbered houses in the sunshine, you will immediately understand why St. Martin is also called the "secret metropolis of the Palatinate Tuscany". But before that, you should hike up to the Kropsburg Castle from the 13th century and enjoy the view over the Rhine plain. In the historic town center, you can then end the day at a winery.

Our tip: The Schreieck winery with vinotheque and hotel. Here you can not only drink wonderful wine and sparkling wine, which is produced in family tradition, but also directly stay overnight and use the wellness offer.

#3 Doll town idyll in Colmar

Colmar is for us not only one of the most beautiful places in Alsace, but also one of the most worth seeing places in Europe - if not worldwide. We can stroll for hours through the winding streets of the medieval town and let the charm of the historic, colorful houses take effect on us. You'll discover something new around every corner: imposing sacred buildings, magnificent city mansions, ornate fountains, squares with cafés, flower-decked canals.
Colmar looks like something out of a storybook. No wonder Disney was inspired here for Belle's village in "Beauty and the Beast". One of the most photographed motifs of the city is probably "Little Venice" - a neighborhood that you can admire from the boat.

The romantic idyll that the alleys and half-timbered houses radiate is underlined by the ever-changing decorations. The inhabitants of the town know how to adapt their windowsills, doors and front gardens to the seasons with stylish design elements. It gets especially cute at Advent time. But you will also be delighted with the autumn decorations.

What else do we love in Colmar? The regional specialties that you can find in all the little stores or in the culinary heart of the city, the Marché Couvert de Colmar. Our recommendation: Alsatian tarte flambée, a piece of Quiche Lorraine and a glass of Crémant. And as a souvenir for your loved ones: the finest tartlets and macarons from L'atelier de Yann.

Vacation in autumn - this belongs in the suitcase

Depending on where your trip goes in the fall, it needs a different packing list for your suitcase. But first you should know what kind of luggage is best for your vacation. Here you can easily find out whether you should take a weekender, a trolley or rather a carry-on suitcase.

As soon as you know which piece of luggage is ideal, you can start packing: For trips to the sun, you should definitely think about airy clothes, sunscreen, open shoes and hats. But also transitional jackets, sweaters and long pants. Even if it is still very warm during the day in Seville or Cyprus, the nights cool down quickly here in October.

Going to the vineyards for you? In any case, remember to bring sturdy shoes, a backpack for hiking and breathable clothing.

And of course, what should never be missing: the desire to discover new things without pressure and to leave enough space in your suitcase for memories that you can safely bring back home with you.

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