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Our confidential whistleblower protection system

We, travelite GmbH + Co KG (travelite), value honesty, integrity and transparency. We consider compliance with rules of conduct and regulations to be a matter of course. We therefore welcome any support in uncovering and remedying any violations and abuses in order to enable us to meet our standards in the long term and to help us protect our company and our entire environment.

Whistleblower Protection Act: What do I need to know?

The recently introduced Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) ensures that employees, business partners and customers can uncover irregularities in companies and are legally protected from disadvantages. travelite has commissioned AGA Service GmbH to provide whistleblowers with various simple and secure ways of making contact. To ensure that reports can be made confidentially, they are not forwarded directly to travelite. Legal experts from the reporting centre process each report and discuss it with travelite.

What can or must I report?
The reporting centre is a service for employees, business partners and customers. If you observe or learn of something in the company that may be a criminal offence or subject to a fine, you can contact the reporting office directly. The report will be examined and processed confidentially. You yourself should not suffer any disadvantage as a result of the report.

I would like to report something: How should I prepare?

The more precise your report is, the better it can be processed. The following questions will help you prepare:

  • What happened?
  • Please describe the incident/problem. 
  • When and where (company location or area) did it happen?
  • How did you find out about it? Are you involved?
  • Is there any evidence? 
  • Have you already done something or spoken to someone?
If you call, e-mail or write a letter to the Reporting Centre, please be sure to name the company concerned.

How can I give a hint?

You can choose how you would like to contact the Reporting Centre:

A report can be submitted (also completely anonymously) via the whistleblowing system. You can access this via smartphone or computer via the following link: 


Please select the part of the company and location for your report   You do not need to register. A security code will be displayed after the report. Please save this numerical code. You can use the numerical code to access your report again later. You can then make further comments or answer a question from the reporting centre.

Call 040/30801-200

Write an email to hinweisgeber@aga.de

Post to:
AGA Service GmbH
Subject HinSchG
Kurze Mühren 1
20095 Hamburg

If you have any questions, please remember to include a contact option.

Personal meeting or video conference
Please make an appointment in advance by email or telephone. The meetings take place by prior arrangement either at the offices of the AGA Unternehmensverband (Kurze Mühren 1, 20095 Hamburg or Königstraße 9, 30175 Hannover) or as a video conference at the agreed time.

What happens after the notification?

1. The registration office will confirm receipt of the notification after 7 days 
2. The Reporting Office will check your report. 
3. The registration office informs travelite about the content of the notification;
4. The Reporting Office will remain in contact with you and will enquire if necessary. 
5. The company checks and - if necessary - takes follow-up measures. 
6. The Reporting Centre will provide you with feedback within three months of confirming receipt of the report. You will then find out, for example, what follow-up measures the company is planning and the reasons for this.

Would you like to find out more about the Whistleblower Protection Act?

Deutscher Bundestag - Better protection decided for whistleblowers in the professional environment