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Here you will find all suitcases, from large to small.
Here you will find all suitcases, from large to small.

Buy a suitcase and start your vacation - perfectly equipped with travelite

The vacation is just around the corner and you have not yet found the right luggage? It is not so easy to keep track when buying suitcases. Different suitcase variants each offer different advantages, which means that the right model is available for every need. travelite offers you a wide variety of products as well as clear suitcase categories and suitable product solutions. Experience unbeatable service and discover suitcases from travelite now. 

High-quality, functional and well thought-out: buy a suitcase from travelite and experience quality

If you want to buy premium suitcases, you should also be able to trust that they are durable and not damaged or even unusable after a few trips. travelite focuses on uncompromising quality and combines this with practical features so that your suitcases can accompany you for a long time.

The choice is yours - our suitcase categories at a glance:

Buying the right suitcase: size and type of travel matter

When buying a suitcase, there are many pieces of luggage in different sizes with different volumes to choose from. To make sure that you have enough space to pack for your particular vacation and that you can store your belongings neatly and without stress, we will show you below which luggage size you need for which trip. 

  • Short trip: If a short trip of 1 to 3 days is on your agenda, you are well provided for with our hand luggage in size S. You get in 30 to 40 l of volume. The hand luggage meets the requirements of most airlines and is ideal as boarding luggage. 
  • Business trip: You want to buy suitcases for a business trip? Practical trolleys are ideal for a short business trip. Thanks to the file divider, important documents can be easily transported in a sturdy business wheeler. In addition, you can carry your business trolley very comfortably with 2 maneuverable and stable wheels. 
  • City trip: A city trip usually includes 3-7 days for most people. Perfectly suited for this are suitcases in size M. Basically, these travel companions comprise between 70 and 80 liters of volume. In these suitcases store everything to be able to start the next exploration of a dream city. 
  • Summer vacation / Winterurlaub: Our large suitcases in size L are predestined for an extensive vacation of several weeks. These usually include 100 l and can store enough clothes, shoes and towels. So you are perfectly equipped for different weather conditions and occasions. 

To ideally sort your luggage, you will also find support in the form of beauty cases. Cosmetics can be stored separately and liquids are protected. 

Our tip for buying suitcases: Consider beforehand which types of transport you usually use to transport your suitcase and make sure not to exceed the permissible suitcase dimensions. Frequent flyers, for example, tend to use hardside suitcases, as they are extremely sturdy. Especially at airports, a suitcase should be able to withstand a light throw or two on the baggage carousel.  

Start your journey with travelite

Discover our comprehensive product variety of different models in different price ranges. You can always rely on a great price-performance ratio. Choose a practical suitcase set or combine luggage items such as hardside suitcases and backpacks as you like - the choice is yours. Experience quality and travel with suitcases from travelite.