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Which luggage fits which trip?

The packing list for the next trip is written. Fresh T-shirts, shorts, swimwear, open-toed shoes - you know what to bring. Now there's only one question left: Which piece of luggage is suitable for your trip? The lightweight weekender? Or rather the hand luggage suitcase? And what's wrong with the big trolley?

Find out which luggage fits your plans:

Weekender, hand luggage, XL trolley - what's available?

Different materials, different sizes, different shapes. We present six of the most popular types of luggage, tell you about their advantages and give you our favorites on the (travel) way.


Weekender are travel bags, which already indicate with their name, for which length of stay they are ideal: (extended) weekends. If you are planning a city trip of three to four days, a weekender should be your choice. The big advantage: Most of the bags have a low weight and a size that passes as hand luggage. So you can transport your things comfortably and save costs when checking in your luggage. Also practical: Travel bags can be stored back home space-saving, because you can simply fold them.

Our favorite: Miigo. With comfortable shoulder strap, separate laundry compartment and large zipper.


Whether it's an active vacation, a city trip or a longer trip - having a backpack with you is never wrong. You can use it for your most important documents when you arrive, to have them always at hand. You can use it on the road as a much more back-friendly handbag replacement. And if it's going to be sporty, you can even get on your bike and explore the area with it. Another advantage:
Our favorite: the Kick-Off Multibag. The backpack is designed for sports and leisure - adjustable inner straps ensure that everything stays organized. Even your laptop has room inside.

Travel bag with wheels

Slightly larger than the Weekender. With wheels. But more versatile than a trolley. Large roller travel bags are your perfect companion for trips of up to a week. What makes this "hybrid" - the mix of trolley and travel bag - so practical? As soon as your luggage gets a little heavier, you can drag the bag behind you in total comfort. Ahead of you lies a cobblestone or many stairs? On robust handles you can quickly throw the bag over your shoulder and are much more mobile on the road. Another advantage in addition to the simplified transport: the material is often stretchable, so you have a lot of flexible storage space.

Our favorite: Skaii. With just one handle, you can pull out a telescopic handle from the travel bag and convert it into a trolley. On large wheels it follows your adventurous spirit everywhere - and that with a super light weight of 1.8 kg.

Softside luggage trolley

Your next vacation is coming up? And you want to pack for several weeks? Soft luggage trolleys are among the most popular pieces of luggage, which offer a lot of storage space at a low weight. Sure, how much you can pack in the end always depends on the suitcase size as well. What they all have in common, however, is the high level of user comfort: trolleys on four wheels can be rolled alongside you in a relaxed manner, have practical interior compartments and front pockets, and can be opened all around with a zipper. What we also particularly like: Soft luggage trolleys can be packed differently than hard shell cases. Here, you have one deep tray instead of two shallower ones. This is especially useful when you want to pack big things like hiking boots. It's best to take soft-sided trolleys with you on trips lasting several weeks, on active vacations or on cruises.

Our favorite: the Viia Trolley in L. It comes not only with the features just described, but also in trendy colors. The advantage: In "eucalyptus" green and "spring rose" red you recognize your suitcase first on the baggage carousel. Viia has a high recognition value with a good mood guarantee.

Hardside luggage

Hardside cases differ from soft-sided trolleys primarily in terms of material. The advantage: They are much easier to clean, because dirt can be wiped away quickly. They are also super sturdy and durable. Their case rarely gives way, so you can store everything without having to worry that something will break.

Our favorite: Air Base. Four double wheels let the trolley glide quietly next to you, while the dimensionally stable material ensures stability and safety.

Aluminum case

Suitcases made of aluminum are considered to be probably the most exclusive type of luggage. This is due to their high-quality material, the noble look and the indestructible image. Aluminum suitcases are true style icons and can come along on really any trip - they do particularly well on business trips and chic cruises. What sets them apart from soft luggage trolleys? Thanks to their form-fitting frame and strong case, you can even transport fragile items in them. And: aluminum suitcases tell stories like no other. With every trip, a small dent or ding is added to the case. It's like the patina on luxury handbags.

Our favorite: the Next . Compared to other aluminum suitcases, it has a particularly good price-performance ratio. It also has an intelligent packing system inside, including packing walls and straps.

What goes with which trip?

We have introduced you to the types of luggage and their advantages. Now we want to give you the best overview: Which luggage fits which trip?

  • Active vacation: backpack, bike bag, soft-sided trolleys or hard-sided suitcases, sports bags.
  • City trip / long weekend: Weekender, backpack, travel bag with wheels, carry-on suitcase
  • Business trip: Boarding bag, aluminum suitcase, medium-sized trolley
  • Cruise: aluminum suitcase, softside luggage trolleys or hardside suitcase, beauty case
  • Multi-week vacation: beauty case, suitcase sets
  • Family vacation: suitcase sets, children's trolley, backpack

Which luggage is allowed on the plane?

Which piece of luggage you take with you on your next flight depends not on the type, but primarily on the dimensions. For hand luggage, each airline may decide for itself what maximum size and weight it will allow to pass as "suitable for flying". Many airlines use - on the recommendation of the IATA - the dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

This corresponds to our suitcases in size S (NextAir BaseSkaii). For business trips we recommend boarding bags, in which your laptop has optimal space. You may also take a foldable garment bag for your business look. (with Lufthansa, for example, with the dimensions of max. 57 x 54 x 15 cm).

You give up a large suitcase anyway and want to have in addition only a "small" bag with you? Choose a backpack or weekender.

Since hand luggage rules change from time to time, always check the regulations of your airline again. This will save you stress and additional costs at check-in.

What you should look for when buying

If you want to have something from your luggage for a long time, pay attention to criteria such as material and workmanship when shopping. We put our models on high quality and let our suitcases go through various tests before they end up in our store.

Is it also important to you that your new suitcase is as sustainable as possible? Some of our models are made from recycled materials that protect the environment and resources. For example, the Miigo trolley's inner lining and outer material are made of recycled polyester.

And then, of course, it's also important that your luggage looks good. From the classic aluminum travel icon to the colorful soft luggage trolley - choose what you like.

Discover our products

Discover our products