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Vacation with child - this is how the perfect family vacation succeeds

Anyone who has ever traveled with children knows that a vacation with a child brings its own unique challenges. Between whining toddlers, the search for kid-friendly activities and the need for a little R&R for parents, the dream vacation can quickly turn into stress. But with the right planning and some insider tips, your next family vacation will not only be kid-friendly, but also relaxing for everyone involved. We'll show you how to make your next trip as a family a complete success. 

Planning is the be-all and end-all for a vacation with child

A child's laughter on the beach, exploring foreign cities together, or the wonder of little eyes in a wild zoo - moments like these make family vacations unforgettable. But behind these seemingly effortless moments of happiness often lies thorough and thoughtful planning. 

Anyone who travels with children knows that while spontaneity has its appeal, good preparation is worth its weight in gold. A successful vacation with children not only relies on child-friendly accommodations and exciting activities, but starts well before that, with checklists, research and consideration of individual needs. 

Well prepared for the family vacation

Your fingertips are tingling, adventure is calling! A family vacation is not only an escape from everyday life, but also a chance to create new memories together. But before the sand tingles underfoot, the mountain air fills your nostrils or an exotic market beguiles your senses, there's preparation to be done. A well-planned vacation with a child can eliminate many of the usual travel stressors and ensure that the vacations get off to a relaxed start for all family members.

But what belongs to the basic equipment and what should not be forgotten under any circumstances? A checklist will help you to keep track and make sure that everything important is in your luggage.

Checklist for vacation with child

  1. travel documents: passport, visa, travel insurance documents and any necessary entry forms for each family member.
  2. first-aid kit: basic medicines, plasters, fever thermometer and special medicines that need to be taken regularly.
  3. foreign health insurance: especially for a vacation with a child, a foreign health insurance should not be missing during a stay abroad.
  4. stroller & co: Depending on age and need: portable cribs, strollers, baby carriers or even car seats.
  5. toys & activities: Favorite toys, books, coloring materials and possibly electronic entertainment devices including charging cables.
  6. clothing: Clothes appropriate for the climate, spare clothes, swimwear, sun hat and sunglasses.
  7. food: snacks for the road, special food or bottles for babies and any kitchen utensils needed.
  8. safety: sunscreen, insect repellent, safety bracelets with contact information and possibly a first aid kit.
  9. communication: cell phone, chargers, international adapters if needed and possibly a small dictionary for the destination.
  10. backpack: a light backpack for day trips, in which the most important things are quickly at hand.
  11. flexibility: An open mind and a bit of serenity - because sometimes things turn out differently than you think, and that can be the most beautiful adventure!

With our checklist in your luggage, the well-deserved family vacation can now begin. No matter where the trip goes, a good preparation is the first step to unforgettable experiences. And while the anticipation increases with each packed suitcase, we should not forget that the journey is often just as rewarding as the destination.

Ideal destinations for family vacation

Family vacations are the perfect opportunity to leave the stress of everyday life behind and spend quality time together. But where should the trip go? The ideal destination should be both exciting for the kids and relaxing for the adults. We give you the best destinations that promise just that:

Vacation with child in Germany:

  • North Sea & Baltic Sea: Flat, child-friendly beaches, water sports and exciting mudflat walks are ideal for a family vacation. Especially the islands like Sylt, Rügen or Norderney offer many activities for families.
  • Black Forest: Here there are adventurous hiking trails, exciting amusement parks like Europa-Park in Rust, and numerous lakes for swimming and boating to discover.
  • Berlin: In our capital there are many interesting museums such as the Museum of Technology or the Labyrinth Children's Museum, the Berlin Zoo and many child-friendly parks and playgrounds.
  • Hamburg: The Miniatur Wunderland, the Hamburg Cathedral (fun fair) and harbor tours are just some of the family-friendly activities in the Hanseatic city.
  • Harz: An impressive natural landscape awaits you in the Harz Mountains, ideal for hiking, biking and skiing in winter. The historic narrow-gauge railroad is especially popular with children.

Vacation with child abroad: 

  • Tuscany, Italy: This picturesque region offers beautiful landscapes, historic towns and, of course, excellent Italian cuisine. Many farms offer family-friendly accommodations and activities such as cooking classes or donkey walks.
  • Disneyland Paris, France: A classic family vacation. Here, kids (and adults!) can meet their favorite Disney characters, experience thrilling rides, and participate in the many shows and parades.
  • Iceland: From geysers and waterfalls to whale watching and the mesmerizing Northern Lights hunt, Iceland offers natural wonders that amaze young and old.
  • Canary Islands, Spain: With their mild climate, beautiful beaches, and a variety of activities such as hiking, diving, and biking, the Canary Islands are an ideal destination for families.
  • Denmark: Legoland in Billund and the picturesque coastal towns are particularly popular with families.

Flying on a family vacation: tips for a stress-free trip

Flying with children can be challenging, but with the right preparation, it becomes an enjoyable part of the family vacation. It's important to allow enough time for check-in and security checks so that the trip begins without a hustle. So pack snacks, toys and perhaps a favorite book or movie to keep your child entertained during the flight.

Many airlines now offer special services for families, such as priority boarding or children's entertainment programs. Also think about pressurization during takeoff and landing: a drink, gum or a pacifier can help. 

Tips for air travel with a child: 

  1. plan well: If possible, book direct flights and avoid very early departure times. This way you minimize waiting times and the risk of missing connecting flights.
  2. preferential boarding: Take advantage of priority boarding, offered to many families, to stow your belongings in peace and quiet and settle the kids.
  3. snacks & drinks: Pack snacks and drinks for your children. Especially during takeoff and landing, chewing and swallowing will help equalize pressure in the ears.
  4. entertainment: Bring favorite toys, coloring books, headphones and electronic devices like tablets with kid-friendly movies and games.
  5. comfort: A small pillow, a blanket or a beloved cuddly toy can help children feel more comfortable and maybe even sleep. Comfortable clothing is also essential for a pleasant flight.
  6. preparation: Explain to your children in advance what will happen when flying, so they know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Car trip with child - making the car trip fun

A long car trip with children can be stressful for both parents and their offspring. However, with the right preparation, even the longest trip becomes a breeze. Plan regular breaks where the little ones can let off steam. Playgrounds at rest stops are ideal for this. Pack a travel backpack with toys, books and coloring supplies to keep kids occupied during the trip. Snacks and drinks should be within easy reach, but make sure there's not too much sugar to avoid unnecessary energy bursts. Audiobooks or special children's song CDs can work wonders and make the drive time fly by. 

Don't forget to take all the necessary safety precautions before the trip: The child seat should be well secured and suitable for the age and weight of the child. With these tips, your next road trip with a child is sure to be a relaxing experience!

No matter what destination or mode of transportation you choose, we wish you an unforgettable time on your family vacation.

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