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Deutsche Bahn luggage - what you should consider when traveling by train

Traveling with Deutsche Bahn is a comfortable and environmentally friendly way to travel. To ensure that your train journey goes smoothly, it is important to keep a few things in mind regarding your luggage.  

Are you planning to travel by train or are you thinking of doing without a plane or car on your next trip? Then we have a few valuable tips for you on the subject of Deutsche Bahn luggage

How much luggage can I take with me on Deutsche Bahn?

When traveling with Deutsche Bahn, you are usually allowed to take up to three pieces of luggage free of charge. It is important that you are able to carry them yourself and that they can be stowed in the designated areas on the train. In addition, you can take hand luggage and smaller personal items such as handbags or laptop bags at no extra cost. However, it is advisable to check the exact regulations on the official Deutsche Bahn website before your trip to find out about any changes or special regulations.

What is allowed to be carried on the train?

You are allowed to transport a variety of items and luggage on a Deutsche Bahn train. When you travel with Deutsche Bahn, you can carry quite a lot of items and luggage. To ensure that all passengers feel safe and comfortable, there are a few important rules and guidelines to follow.

If you have larger or heavy luggage that cannot be carried as hand luggage, you have the option of placing it in the train's baggage car. This includes larger suitcases, travel bags, ski equipment or musical instruments. Remember to label your luggage properly before boarding and pack it securely to avoid confusion or damage.

Deutsche Bahn also allows the transport of special luggage such as bicycles, strollers or bulky sports equipment. This usually requires advance notification or reservation to ensure that sufficient space and suitable equipment is available. Here you can find more information about allowed items besides suitcase, trolley and travel bag. 

How to stow your luggage in the Deutsche Bahn

Even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance, there are a few ways to stow your luggage on a Deutsche Bahn train. For example, you can simply store your luggage under your seat. Of course, it must not be too bulky. Softside luggage such as a backpack or a travel bag is very suitable here. 

Of course, Deutsche Bahn also has luggage racks for your luggage. You will find these either in the compartments (above the seats or at the end of a compartment) or in the open-plan compartment. If you cannot see your suitcase or travel bag, it is recommended to choose a suitcase with a secure lock. Our travelite suitcases have a secure TSA lock, which protects it from unauthorized opening. However, a secure lock will not protect your luggage from theft when traveling with Deutsche Bahn, so you should always stay close to your suitcase as a precaution.

What kind of luggage is suitable for a trip with Deutsche Bahn?

Whether you are planning a short city trip or a longer journey, choosing the right luggage plays an important role in making your train journey pleasant and stress-free. Suitable luggage for a train trip is characterized by practical handling, sufficient storage space and comfort. A low dead weight is also a clear advantage so that you can transport your luggage comfortably.

  • Backpack: A backpack is a practical option, especially for shorter trips or day trips. Choose a backpack with ample compartments and good padding for comfort and organization. Make sure the backpack is not too large and fits easily under the seat or in the overhead compartment.

  • Hand luggage: a small suitcase that meets Deutsche Bahn's hand luggage guidelines is good for short trips or weekend getaways. This type of suitcase provides ample space for essential clothing, personal items and travel essentials while remaining lightweight and manageable.

  • Travel bag: a travel bag or a travel bag with wheels are ideal for longer trips. They provide ample space for clothing, shoes and personal items. Our travel bags are sturdy and have sturdy wheels to easily move them across platforms and onto trains. 

Is there a luggage service with Deutsche Bahn?

Yes, Deutsche Bahn provides a luggage service to its travelers who have a valid rail ticket. 

The Deutsche Bahn luggage service offers you a convenient and reliable solution for transporting luggage. It doesn't matter if it is a suitcase, a baby carriage, a bicycle or even skis: The luggage service allows you to transport your luggage from door to door. You can either have your luggage conveniently sent from your desired location to your destination or drop it off at a Hermes ParcelShop. This service can be booked from 19,90€ per direction and piece of luggage.

By using the luggage service, you can make your trip even more pleasant and concentrate on the essentials. You can find information about the exact conditions, costs and booking options here on the official website of Deutsche Bahn. 

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey with Deutsche Bahn. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of train travel, while our suitcases keep your luggage safe and give you a worry-free travel experience.

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