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Travel gadgets: 19 really useful travel tools

Every trip should be a particularly beautiful experience. What we do not want to have in our luggage: chaos and stress. We'd rather pack useful travel gadgets that give us a good feeling on the road. Lost suitcases? Squabbling kids on the backseat? Wrinkled shirts? A thing of the past with the right tools, accessories and apps. 

Whether for your next active or beach vacation, a trip with kids or your upcoming business trip - we show you 17 travel gadgets that should be part of your anti-travel stress basic equipment: 

Travel gadgets for luggage 

#1 packing cube

You don't feel like chaos in your suitcase anymore? We can understand. In our travelite trolleys (for example in the Skaii) straps, shirt compartment, mesh pockets and small side compartments provide more order. If you want to divide the inner compartment additionally, 'Packing Cubes' are a good choice. These are smart packing cubes in different sizes that help you organize clothes and utensils in a space-saving way. 

#2 Suitcase Scale 

Too much luggage can quickly become expensive at the airport. Find out before departure how heavy your suitcase may be and weigh it before you go to the airport with a suitcase scale. You can then pack them right away so that you have them ready for the return flight. Our tip: Try to keep a few kilograms "free". Often you buy gifts, souvenirs, etc. on vacation and fly back with more weight. 

#3 Packing List App 

You pack too little rather than too much and like to forget half? With the app "Packtor" this won't happen to you anymore. After you have specified travel duration, climate and type of travel (backpacking, city trip, etc.), the app compiles a packing list for you, which you only have to check off. For iOS users, the app "Packr" is also very popular. 

#4 Luggage Tracker 

Drop off your suitcase at check-in sometimes makes you feel uneasy. If you don't want to lose track of your luggage, you can get a luggage tracker. These are small GPS trackers that you connect to your phone and put in your suitcase before you travel. On your smartphone you can then always locate where your luggage is. The classic among iPhone users is the "Air Tag". Samsung's counterpart is the "Galaxy SmartTag". "Tile" is compatible with both - that is, Android and iOS - and looks like a credit card, so it even fits in your wallet. 

Travel gadgets for air travel 

#1 Backpack 

Check-in, security check, boarding - before you get on the plane, you have to show your travel documents at various "stations". If you travel with a backpack that has convenient exterior compartments, you'll have all your documents at hand and won't be embarrassed to open and rummage through your carry-on bag in front of many other people. With this idea in mind, we designed our 'Meet' backpack . It's your perfectly organized carry-on with stress-free-everything-parat factor. 

#2 Noise Cancelling 

Headphones It's not exactly quiet on an airplane. Unless you wear headphones that block out outside noise. The ideal solution: Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling. You can find the best models on Esquire

#3 Calm App 

You have great headphones, but don't know what you can listen to during the flight to really relax? To leave the stressful everyday life behind you, to calm down fear of flying and to create a "serene basis" for your trip, we recommend the mindfulness app "Headspace". Guided meditations help you focus completely on your inner life. Or you can download the app "Better Sleep" down and listen to relaxation music to fall asleep. 

Travel gadgets for active vacation 

#1 Foldable Drink Bottle 

You should always be well hydrated. In the active holiday it is even more important that you drink enough water. For this, you should have a water bottle with you that you can always refill. Super handy are bottles that you can fold as soon as they are empty. This saves space and often also weight, because they are made of lighter materials. Beyond Camping has tested the best models. 

#2 Solar power bank 

Are you hiking through the mountains or riding your bike and need your smartphone to navigate you safely to your destination? Then your battery should get practical support. With a solar powerbank you can charge your phone even in the wilderness. The advantage: You don't need a power outlet. The disadvantage: You need enough sun. Alternatively, you can consider whether you like a powerbank with crank better. 

#3 Mosquito Bite Healer 

If you're outside a lot, you'll also encounter a lot of insects. And how annoying is it when you can't enjoy the beautiful view because you're thinking about itchy mosquito bites all the time? One remedy is "bite away" - a thermal bite healer that stops itching. 

Travel gadgets for beach vacation

#1 Beach safe 

Jumping through the waves, taking a few puffs, diving briefly, drifting on the air mattress - at some point on a beach vacation, the moment comes when you want to leave your lounger and go into the sea. But who will look after your valuables? The answer: your beach safe. This is a small safe that you can securely attach to your lounger. Popular models include those from PacSafeSwimming World has compared more designs. 

If you want to be doubly sure, combine the safe with a luggage tracker - our fourth tip among the "travel gadgets for luggage". 

#2 Waterproof smartphone case  

You know your money is safe on the beach. But you still want to take your phone into the water to take pictures. Even though many smartphones are now waterproof, it's wise to have a phone case that protects against moisture. Our favorite is from Seawisp. The timeless design comes with an adjustable buckle, so you can easily attach the case to your wrist and your phone won't be washed away even in strong waves.

#3 Underwater camera  

Vacation means for you to be less on the cell phone? But you still want to take cool souvenir photos and videos in the sea? Then you should think about an underwater camera. This model is not only something for big snorkel fans, but also something for small water rats. So nothing stands in the way of family fun.

Travel gadgets for vacation with kids

#1 Coloring Book App

Whether on the train, plane or car - sooner or later you hear the "Are we there soon daahaa?" on every trip. To keep kids from getting bored on the road, it's great to have a few books or games with you. Apps are more space-saving. "Kids Doodle" replaces the coloring book, for example. With "Kids Paint Free" kids can paint over cell phone photos - new glasses for mom, bunny ears for grandpa, rays of sunshine on the last picture from the garden. The advantage of the digital coloring book is that it leaves no lines, stains or artwork on seats and the like. 

#2 Splitter 

Sharing is fun. Even when it comes to music, and you can listen to your favorite songs - or the new audio book - together. With a headphone splitter, two people can "plug in" to their cell phones at the same time. Children especially love the "Jack Rabbit" splitter, which looks like a rabbit. 

#3 Children's trolley  

The new Pixi book, the favorite puzzle, and Teddy shouldn't be left at home alone either - children often have their own ideas about what is indispensable on vacation. While clothes and hygiene products find their place in the large family suitcase, all favorite things can be taken along in our Youngster. The children's trolley was designed so that it is easy to pull, spreads good mood when looking at it and makes the world a colorful adventure.

Travel gadgets for the business trip

#1 Shirt folder

On a business trip, ironed shirts and blouses are the be-all and end-all. With a shirt pocket you avoid any wrinkles. The hard case has the exact shape of your business top and is equipped with a folding pad to say goodbye to the wrinkle effect.

#2 Travelrouter 

When you're on vacation, it's okay to have a little "digital detox" - in other words, days spent without the Internet. On a business trip it's a different story. To ensure you always have the best connection to the World Wide Web, a travel router is ideal. Futurezone took a close look at three models and presents them to you.

#3 Expense app

A receipt here, another receipt there. When you travel for work, you incur costs that can later be booked as expenses. To keep track of them and keep everything with you digitally, there's an app called Expensify. It has already been downloaded more than 1 million times and the majority of its users recommend it highly.

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