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Suitcases for school trips: tips for packing and choosing a suitcase

A school trip is on the horizon, which is certainly a real highlight for your child. But before it starts, the question often arises: Which suitcase is the right one? We'll help you find the ideal suitcase for a class trip and also give you tips for a packing list.

Requirements for a suitcase for a class trip

A class trip is often the first step into the independent travel world for many students. While the anticipation of the upcoming experiences is great, there is a lot to think about beforehand, especially in terms of luggage. We'll show you the most important requirements for a suitcase for a school trip, so that your child is well equipped during the adventure.

  • Durability: Suitcases for school trips have to withstand a lot. Whether they're loaded onto buses, stowed on trains or dragged through hostel hallways, they should be sturdy and resistant to bumps and scratches.
  • Handiness and weight: The suitcase should be light enough that your child can carry it without any problems. Our travelite suitcases have comfortable carrying handles that not only make it much easier to pull, but are also helpful if the suitcase needs to be carried up a flight of stairs. The maneuverable Casters also allow for comfortable running on different surfaces, which is especially beneficial for your child on longer trips. 
  • Security: An integrated lock is important to keep personal items safe. A TSA lock is especially beneficial for traveling abroad, as it can be opened by airport security without damage.
  • Volume and size: Depending on the duration and type of class trip, the suitcase should offer enough space without being too bulky. Additional exterior and interior pockets will help keep the inside organized. This is especially helpful since your child will be on their own when packing the suitcase for the trip home.
  • Weather resistance: A water-resistant material is beneficial, especially if the suitcase must be left outside in the rain or placed on a damp surface.
  • Individual labeling: On school trips, there are often many similar or identical suitcases. An individual label, be it a sticker special tag, makes it easier to find your own luggage. A colorful piece of luggage also quickly catches the eye, such as our suitcase from the City series in a distinctive red.

Which suitcase is suitable for a school trip?

While in the past you might have gone on a school trip with a simple backpack, today the requirements have increased. It's not just clothes and toiletries that need to be stowed away. Often, gadgets, learning materials and perhaps even sports equipment should also find room.

For a school trip, the suitcase should above all be practical and robust. Students often move quickly and are in a variety of environments - from train stations to hostels to outdoor activities. A medium-sized rolling suitcase will provide enough space for clothes and other items without being too bulky. A suitcase with a hard outer shell protects the contents from impact, while a soft-shell suitcase with a front pocket allows your child to take advantage of the flexible material and quickly stow a jacket. Interior compartments and tie-down straps help keep contents organized and in place in each option. An added bonus is an integrated lock that secures your child's personal belongings. 

Suitcases for school trips: our recommendations

When it comes to school trips, we at travelite know how important the right companion on wheels is. Every trip, no matter how short, has its own challenges - and we specialize in meeting them with excellent design and functionality.  

When it comes to choosing the ideal suitcase for school trips, it's not just the look and quality that count, but also how well it meets the needs of young travelers. Therefore, we have created an overview of the ideal travel companions for school trips:

For school trips of up to 3 days, we recommend our small suitcases in size S. For school trips of up to 7 days, a medium suitcase is the right choice, and if you are going away for even longer, our large suitcases will stow all your child's belongings.

Our most popular models at a glance:

Packing list for the class trip


  • Passport/ID card (if required)
  • Important documents (e.g. health insurance card, copy of vaccination card)
  • Money (cash and/or EC/credit card)
  • Travel documents (e.g. booking confirmation, tickets)
  • Emergency contacts & address of accommodation
  • Medication list (if available)
  • Cell phone + charger + power bank
  • Backpack or bag for excursions



  • Underwear for each day + 1-2 extras
  • Socks for each day + 1-2 extras
  • Pajamas
  • Tops depending on the weather
  • Pants depending on weather conditions
  • Rain gear



  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Shower gel/shampoo
  • Comb or brush
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Medication (if needed)
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Disinfectant
  • Band-aids

Before departure, it is advisable to check the packing list against the information provided by the organizer or school to ensure that nothing important is missing and no unnecessary items are packed. We wish you an eventful and unforgettable class trip!

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Discover our products