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Suitcase sizes in comparison: How to find the right luggage for your trip

Traveling is exciting and fulfilling, but choosing the perfect suitcase can be a real challenge. The selection of suitcase sizes can be overwhelming, and it's important to choose the right size for your needs. After all, the suitcase is more than just a container for your belongings - it's your trusted travel companion, ensuring that your most important possessions are safe and organized during your trip as you explore the world.

Why choosing the right size suitcase is important

In a world where travel is becoming more accessible and diverse, suitcase sizes vary enormously to meet the different needs and styles of travelers. From compact carry-on luggage for weekend getaways to medium-sized suitcases for extended vacations to large suitcases for longer stays or moves, the choices are endless. Each size has its merits and offers different options in terms of capacity, mobility and comfort.

Choosing the right suitcase can make the difference between a stress-free trip and a trip full of luggage problems. While we often focus on choosing a destination, booking flights and hotels, the importance of choosing the appropriate suitcase size often goes unrecognized. Here are some reasons why choosing the right suitcase size is so important.

  1. Simplified organization: A good sized suitcase can help you organize your luggage better. A suitcase that is too small can cause you to leave things at home by necessity, while one that is too large can cause your items to get jumbled and damaged. A suitcase of the right size will ensure that everything has its place and is safely stowed away.
  2. Cost savings: Excessive or oversized luggage can cause additional fees, especially with airlines. By choosing the right size suitcase, you can ensure that you comply with airline baggage regulations and avoid unnecessary costs.
  3. Convenience and comfort: A suitcase that is too large and difficult to handle can make traveling a hassle. Likewise, a suitcase that is too small and doesn't hold everything you need can cause stress and frustration. Choosing the right size suitcase will ensure that your luggage is easy to carry and handle, and that you can comfortably fit all of your necessities.
  4. Safety: A suitcase that is too full can tear or burst, while a suitcase that is too empty can cause your belongings to be thrown around and damaged. By choosing an appropriate suitcase size, you'll protect your belongings and make sure they get to your destination safely.

Choosing the right size suitcase is an essential part of travel preparation and should not be overlooked. It's about finding the size that meets your needs and makes your life easier when traveling.

Case sizes and their designations

  • Hand Luggage: The hand luggage is ideal to be taken into the cabin of an airplane. The exact dimensions for hand luggage vary depending on the airline, but are usually a maximum of 55x40x20 cm. This size is ideal for short trips or business trips where you only need to take the essentials.
  • Small suitcases: Small suitcases are ideal for short trips or weekend getaways. With their compact dimensions, they provide enough space for essentials without being bulky or cumbersome. The typical dimensions of a small suitcase are usually between 40x20x25 cm and 55x35x20 cm, although the exact dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer. 
  • Medium-size suitcases: Medium-size suitcases are larger than carry-on luggage and offer more space for clothes and other items. Their dimensions are usually between 60x40x25 cm and 70x50x30 cm. They are a good choice for a trip of 7 days maximum....
  • Large Suitcases: Large suitcases are ideal for long trips or when you need to take a lot of luggage. They usually have dimensions of about 75x50x30 cm to 85x60x35 cm. With a large suitcase you can accommodate enough clothes, shoes and other necessary items for a long stay or a trip to a colder environment.

The right suitcase size for your next trip

Before you decide on a suitcase size, it's best to give some thought to the circumstances of your trip and the things you want to take with you on your trip. We give you a assistance, so that you certainly find the right suitcase size for your next adventure. 

Evaluate the duration of your trip: The duration of your trip is one of the most important factors when choosing a suitcase size. For a short trip or weekend getaway, a carry-on suitcase is often sufficient. For a one to two week vacation, a medium sized suitcase might be ideal. However, if you're traveling for several weeks or even months, you'll probably need a large or even extra-large suitcase.

Consider your destination: If you're traveling to a tropical paradise, you'll likely need fewer and lighter clothes than for a trip to colder climates. The type of place you're visiting can therefore have a significant impact on the amount of luggage you need to take, and therefore the size of suitcase you'll need.

Inform yourself about the regulations of the airline: Travel by plane is bound by the strictest rules of all means of transport. Different airlines have different regulations for size and weight of luggage. Before buying a suitcase, find out the regulations of the airlines you travel with most often. A suitcase that complies with the regulations can help you avoid unwanted excess baggage fees.

Know your packing habits: Some people tend to pack minimalistically, while others like to be prepared for all eventualities. If you're someone who likes to have an extra selection of outfits or take special items like sports equipment or camera gear, you may want to consider a larger suitcase size.

Remember that the right suitcase size for you depends not only on the length of your trip and your destination, but also on your personal preferences and habits. With a little advance planning and thought, you can find the perfect suitcase size for your next trip and make your travel experience even more enjoyable. We hope you have fun on your next adventure.

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