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FTI insolvency: what travelers need to know now

The news has shaken the travel industry: FTI Touristik GmbH has filed for insolvency. As one of the largest German travel companies, this development has far-reaching consequences for travelers and partner companies. In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about the FTI insolvency and what it means for you. 

Which tour operators are affected by the insolvency? 

The insolvency of FTI Touristik GmbH has far-reaching consequences for various subsidiaries and brands of the FTI Group. This development affects numerous tour operators that are part of the Group. Here is an overview of the most important companies affected: 

FTI Touristik 

FTI Touristik is the heart of the FTI Group and the largest tour operator within the Group. The insolvency of FTI Touristik means that numerous package tours, last-minute offers and customized travel modules booked through this brand are affected. Customers must expect delays, rebookings or even cancellations 


5vorFlug, known for its last-minute trips, is also affected by the insolvency. Travelers who have booked last-minute vacation deals through 5vorFlug may experience difficulties in completing their trips. It is important to check directly with 5vorFlug and consider alternative travel plans. 


BigXtra, specializing in special trips and exclusive offers, is also involved in the insolvency. Customers who have booked trips through BigXtra should be prepared for possible changes or cancelations. Communication with the company is crucial in order to obtain clarity about the next steps.

FTI Cruises 

In the cruise division of the FTI Group, FTI Cruises has also been affected by the insolvency. This affects cruises with the MS Berlin in particular. Travelers who have planned cruises with FTI Cruises should contact the company immediately to receive information on the current status of their bookings.

LAL Sprachreisen 

LAL Sprachreisen, a provider of language travel worldwide, is also affected. This could have an impact on language courses and combined vacation offers. Customers should contact the provider directly to find out how the insolvency will affect their booked trips 


DriveFTI, the car rental specialist of the FTI Group, is also affected. Customers who have booked rental cars through DriveFTI should prepare for possible cancellations or changes and consider alternative options. 

What happens to existing bookings? 

There are several options for travelers with existing bookings with FTI. It is important to keep calm and plan the next steps carefully: 

  • Contact FTI: Wait for information from FTI or the respective subsidiaries. The tour operator will probably communicate shortly how to proceed. There are often special hotlines or email addresses for affected customers. 
  • Travel warnings and advice: Check the websites of the German embassies and the Federal Foreign Office regularly. These provide up-to-date information and advice on the situation in various travel destinations. 
  • Travel insurance: Check your travel insurance. Many insurance policies offer protection against tour operator insolvency. Contact your insurance company to clarify which claims you can make and which documents you need for this. 

What does the FTI insolvency mean for the travel industry? 

The FTI insolvency has far-reaching consequences for the entire travel industry. As one of the largest tour operators in Germany, FTI is leaving a huge gap in the market. Many travel agencies, hotels and other partner companies now have to reorganize their business relationships. This situation could lead to a redistribution of market shares and bring new challenges and opportunities for both customers and providers. 

For small and medium-sized travel agencies that were heavily dependent on FTI, the insolvency represents a significant economic blow. They now have to look for new partners in order to continue offering their customers attractive travel deals. 

How are other travel companies reacting to the insolvency? 

Other travel companies could benefit from the FTI insolvency by gaining market share and attracting new customers. For travelers, this may mean a wider choice of offers and potentially lower prices as competition grows. 

Some tour operators have already announced special offers for former FTI customers in order to win them over. It is worth comparing the offers of the competition and rebooking if necessary in order to continue to benefit from good travel conditions. 

Insolvency law basics and protective measures for travelers 

In the event of a tour operator's insolvency, the so-called travel insurance certificate, which is issued when a package tour is booked, often comes into play in Germany. This certificate ensures that customers receive their money back or that their return journey is organized in the event of the tour operator's insolvency. 

For individual travellers who have booked their flights and accommodation separately, the protection is less comprehensive. It is therefore advisable to take out additional travel insurance, which also takes effect in the event of the travel provider's insolvency. 

How can you get your money back despite FTI insolvency? 

If you are affected by FTI's insolvency and have already made payments, there are various steps you can take to get your money back: 

  • Contact your travel provider: Check directly with FTI or your travel agent about the next steps. 
  • Use the travel insurance certificate: If you have booked a package tour, report your claim to the insurance company that issued the travel insurance certificate. 
  • Contact your credit card company: If you paid by credit card, contact your credit card company. Many credit card providers offer a chargeback service where you can reverse payments. 

FTI insolvency: tips for future trips 

The insolvency of FTI Touristik GmbH shows how important it is to be well prepared. Here are some detailed tips to make your future trips safer and less stressful: 

Travel insurance 

Comprehensive travel insurance is essential to protect yourself against unexpected events. Here are some points you should bear in mind: 

  1. Insurance against insolvency: Make sure that your travel insurance includes protection against tour operator insolvency. Check the insurance conditions carefully and ask the insurer directly if necessary to avoid any misunderstandings. 
  2. Scope of the insurance: Make sure that the insurance also covers medical emergencies, trip interruption, loss of luggage and other unforeseen events. Comprehensive cover can save you a lot of trouble and costs in the event of an emergency
  3. Purchase your travel insurance early: Take out travel insurance immediately after booking your trip. This will ensure that you are protected right from the start, even if unforeseen events occur.


In times of uncertainty and change in the travel industry, flexibility is an important factor:

  1. Flexible fares: Book trips with flexible fares that allow you to cancel or rebook for free or for a small fee. Many tour operators and airlines now offer such options to cater to the needs of customers. 
  2. Flexible accommodation: Choose accommodation that offers free cancellation until shortly before the arrival date. Platforms such as Booking.com or Airbnb have numerous flexible options on offer.
  3. Alternative means of transportationl: Think about whether you can use alternative means of transportation if your original travel plan is no longer possible. This can help you to react more quickly to changes.


Being well informed is the key to a successful and stress-free trip: 

  1. Trusted sources: Use trusted sources to inform yourself about current developments in the travel industry. These include official government websites, travel portals and reputable news sources. 
  2. Newsletters and alerts: Subscribe to newsletters from tour operators, airlines and travel portals. These often provide up-to-date information on offers, changes and important events. 
  3. Travel apps: Use travel apps that provide you with real-time information on flights, accommodation and travel conditions. Apps such as TripIt or Google Travel can help you keep track and react quickly to changes. 

More tips 

Here are some additional tips that can help you make future trips safer: 

  1. Plan B: Always have a plan B. Think in advance about what you would do if your original travel plans fall through. This can help you stay calm in stressful situations and act quickly. 
  2. Booking through travel agencies: Consider booking your trip through a travel agency. Travel agencies often offer additional support and protection in the event of problems, such as the tour operator becoming insolvent. 
  3. Local laws and regulations: Find out about the local laws and regulations of your destination, especially with regard to health and safety measures. This can help you avoid unpleasant surprises. 

The FTI insolvency is a wake-up call for all travelers to be better protected and well informed. With comprehensive travel insurance, flexible booking options and regular information, you can make future trips safer and cope better with unexpected problems. Stay prepared and enjoy your travels knowing that you are well covered. 

Should you be affected by the FTI insolvency, we still wish you a relaxing trip and a stress-free experience.

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