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Cruises: Your vacation on the water

From the floating luxury hotel to the nostalgic expedition ship to the action-packed sailboat - when it comes to "vacation on the water", you have the most diverse options. 

We want to help you find out what type of cruiser you are. Does the classic relaxation trip with all-inclusive feeling suit you more or are you looking for adventure on a route through nature? 

Cruises - Which ship suits me? 

Before you decide on a cruise, you should ask yourself: what is especially important to me on vacation? Luxury, relaxation, adventure, party & entertainment or time with the family? 

Luxury: If you value upscale cuisine, individual service and a modern styled interior, a luxury cruise is something for you. Often these ships sail beyond mass routes, so you experience an exclusive feeling. This should come up on board anyway: Classic capity dinners, gala evenings and sometimes even a personal butler ensure that you have an unforgettably classy time. 
Ships with a year of construction as young as possible usually have a new, stylish interior. For luxurious, for example, AzamaraCelebrity Cruises and Seadream

Relaxation: Sure, on a luxury cruise, relaxation already resonates. But there are ships that cater specifically to the absolute wellness factor. Often these are smaller ships with under 400 passengers. In a quiet atmosphere, you can enjoy massages, yoga classes, beauty treatments and the Jacuzzi on the sun deck.

Wellness cruises are offered, for example, by A-Rosa and Club Med. For your ultimate retreat on the water, experience Ponant. On the 12-day "Treasures of India" trip you have renowned Expert:innen with on board, which help you to experience more balance between body and mind. 

Adventure & Culture: The opposite - namely really a lot of action - you experience on expedition ships. These are, for example, large sailing boats, old Hurtigruten ships, or liners that penetrate as far as the Arctic. But the adventure is not only on board. Often, shore excursions are part of the trip, so you can also experience the culture of the respective region. 

For these combination cruises, Gebeco and TUI Cruises have teamed up, for example. They combine varied land programs with beautiful sea travel. Luxury expeditions to the polar region you do with Ponant. On Hurtigruten you will experience the old mail route feeling. And sailing romantics should definitely check in on the Sea Cloud.

Party & Entertainment: Those who appreciate cool entertainment do well on megaliners. Quite especially American cruise ships offer spectacular shows and sometimes even have climbing walls, ice skating rinks or surf simulators on board. The best pool parties are thrown by the crews of the MSC  and Costa.
And then there are also themed cruises that focus on music, cuisine and entertainment. Gourmets will be happy on the Oceania, we recommend Holland America Line to music lovers, and MSC has some particularly unusual cruises in its repertoire with its "Salsa Cruises" and "The Rock Boat".

Time with the family: Many ships are absolutely family-friendly. However, a few providers stand out with extra childcare and "teen clubs". Here, children can do crafts, play games and laugh, while the adults can withdraw and relax. For example: Princess CruisesAIDA and Mein Schiff are among the frontrunners.

Cruises - Is the ship or the destination more important?

You've probably already got a feel for which ship is right for you. But what about the route? For a cruise, it is also important where you want to go and in which destinations you want to dock.

Ideally, of course, both the ship and the route are right. To do this, first select one of the categories we have mentioned, click through the websites of the providers and hopefully discover your dream route.

Is the destination more important to you than the ship? Then we have collected great itinerary ideas for you here:

Vacation on the water - the most beautiful routes

#1 The river cruise on the Seine

The quieter, more leisurely counterpart to the ocean cruise is the river cruise. Because there are fewer waves on rivers, the boat is more relaxed. This is ideal for newcomers to cruising to find out how you like a vacation on the water.

Viva Cruises offer a particularly beautiful route: From Paris, you sail down the Seine to Normandy - on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. You'll see the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a warm croissant before departure and then sail 'très chic' past Les Andelys, Rouen and Le Havre, which you can visit on shore excursions to admire first the medieval charm and then the modernity. Fans of Monet should be especially pleased: there's also a stop in Vernon. The countless half-timbered houses inspired the artist even back then for incredibly colorful paintings.

#2 With the luxury sailing ship through the Caribbean

You want the absolute feeling of freedom? Sea Cloud will definitely not take the wind out of your sails. On the contrary: On the noble sailing yachts you will be able to really experience the vastness of the sea and anchor where enthusiastic "yachties" from all over the world share their carefree lifestyle.

A sailing hotspot is the Caribbean. Your journey starts on St. Martin, takes you to Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke, Puerto Rico and St. Barthélemy and gives you the chance to sit back and relax in your deck chair under the sails and watch the crew doing their real manual work. A highlight will certainly be the evening sundowners with a view of palm trees, volcanoes and the sea.

#3 With the mailboat along the Viking route

100 fjords, 1000 mountains - the landscape you see from the classic Hurtigruten mailboat route will absolutely impress you. From the water you will experience Norway from a perspective that is unique. But that's not all: of course, you also have the option to go ashore. You can choose from seven to nine optional hikes and 70 optional excursions. In addition, there are 34 ports of call between Bergen and Kirkenes.

#4 Discover the Mediterranean metropolises with the megaliner

Palma, Barcelona, Rome, Naples - these are just four of the many cities you can discover on your cruise with AIDA across the Western European Mediterranean. You decide exactly which route you want to take when you make your booking. Do you prefer the "Mediterranean treasures" around Corsica, or do you imagine a trip along Spain and Portugal?
No matter which route you choose, book your trip between Easter and October. That's when you're most likely to have a good weather guarantee and get the most out of the cruise.

#5 With luxury ship on the Amazon

The Amazon is the largest and longest river in the world. It leads through a spectacular natural scenery, as we know it from the Jungle Book. Accordingly, a cruise with the M/V Delfin I is unique. At the latest when you sit on the sun deck in the evening and the low sun bathes everything in a magical light, you will no longer be able to escape your amazement.
You will not stop marveling during the entire time. Because the cruise also includes day trips, where you can watch pink dolphins, participate in a shaman ceremony or explore the river courses in a canoe.

Cruises - our tips for your booking

Finally, we would like to give you a few tips for your booking:

1. where is the least swaying? If you don't like strong waves, book a cabin in the middle of the ship. Here you will feel the swaying the least.

2. What to wear on the cruise? Which clothes end up in your suitcase depends on your cruise. If you have chosen a luxurious one, don't forget to pack elegant clothes for gala dinners and the like. If you are traveling on a "casual ship", you can also dress casually.

3. What do you pack? In general, pack the same way you do for your other vacations. So think of clothes, toiletries, books, and so on. It is also important that you have windproof jackets - it can get windy on deck - and sunscreen.

4. Which suitcase to take with you? Again, pack the suitcase you normally take with you on your travels. We recommend our Air Base Trolley if you are looking for a robust space-saver. This way you are guaranteed to have everything with you and nothing will stand in the way of your cruise.

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