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Five destinations in Europe that feel like the Caribbean

White sandy beach, turquoise blue water and above you the palm trees providing pleasant shade. What sounds like the perfect Caribbean feeling is actually not that far away. Even in Europe there are destinations that feel like paradise.

The advantage: You don't have to fly long to put your feet in the sand and listen to the sound of the sea. You can simply pack your  travelite suitcase  and a few hours later you are already lying on the beach. 

We present you five destinations in Europe that feel like the Caribbean. 

#1 Formentera: Platja de Ses Illetes 

While the neighboring island of Ibiza is now known for its party scene, things are even quieter on Formentera. Rather one knows the only 82 square meters large island for the clearest water of the Mediterranean. From the beach, you look out onto rich blue tones - as far as the eye can see. 

The most popular beach is the "Platja de Ses Illetes". Again and again it is chosen as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, even in the world, and contributes to the fact that Formentera is also called the "little Caribbean". You have surely seen it on television. Many commercials - for example, for the famous coconut balls with cream filling - were filmed here. 

Among the 11 most beautiful beaches on Formentera you will also find the longest beach on the island, Platja de Migjorn. What is unique here is that the beach consists of many small sections separated by rocks, each with its own peculiarities. In the west there are quiet bays, at the northern end you can snorkel and in the middle you will find the  Blue Bar – a hotspot where legends like Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix have ordered their drinks. 

The island does not have its own airport. That's what makes it so idyllic and quiet. You can reach it by ferry and decide whether you want to leave from Ibiza, Mallorca or the Spanish mainland. 

#2 Elafonisi in Greece 

The beach of Elafonisi belongs to the "Caribbean destinations" of Europe. The small island lies about 200 meters off the southwestern coast of Crete and looks like a fairytale South Sea lagoon. The only thing you won't find here is a white sandy beach. It is pink. 

Pink beaches are an absolute rarity. Only  seven of them are known worldwide. The color is always different. On Elafonisi it is due to the millions of shells and coral fragments ground up by the reef, which mix with the sand and create an extraordinary play of colors, especially at sunset. 

But it's not just the pink beach that makes the nature reserve so worth seeing. You'll also find white lilies, black rocks, turquoise waters and lush green rare plants. When you visit the island, you will think you are in a work of art painted with the most beautiful tones. 

It is possible to walk all the way around the island once. A hike to the northwest cape is worthwhile. From here you have a wonderful view of the lagoon. You will also find a metal lighthouse and the church of Agia Irini. 

Our tip for delicious, regional cuisine: the Taverna Kalomirakis

#3 Illas Cíes in Spain 

The more beautiful a beach is, the more people it attracts. No wonder some destinations in Europe that feel like the Caribbean are a bit crowded. The Illas Cíes - three small islands in northwestern Spain - are not among them. Here, the number of visitors:inside who want to come to the islands every day is limited to 2,000. If you want to lie on one of the wonderful beaches or go hiking, you have to register beforehand

Absolute paradise is the beach Praia de Rodas. In 2007 the British newspaper The Sun declared it the most beautiful beach in the world. Here you can go diving with 2000 cormorants and watch the colorful fish life underwater.

Important to know: There is only one place to stay on the islands - a campground, where you should book in advance. The outdoor adventure becomes perfect under the twinkling starry sky. Indeed, the low light pollution allows it to shine particularly intensely here. 

#4 Glénan Islands in France 

When you see photos of the Glénan Islands , you might think it's the Caribbean. But in fact, the islands are in the Bay of Biscay - in Brittany, France. And they can be reached by boat from Bénodet within an hour's drive. 

The islands, which are only a few 100 meters long and are under nature protection, are still an absolute insider tip. You can spend a day here far away from mass tourism like in paradise. However, you cannot stay overnight on the islands. There are no hotels. 

The whole scenery and unique flora are all the more beautiful for you. For example, only on Saint-Nicolas the yellow Glénan daffodil blooms, which was already threatened with extinction, but is now in full bloom again in its own nature reserve. 

Our tip: Book a trip with the glass-bottom catamaran "Capitaine Némo" to observe the underwater world in the emerald green water. Hardly any other place in the world seems so calm and exciting at the same time. 

#5 The Queen's Beach in Croatia 

Croatia has long been underestimated as a travel destination. Yet the absolute Caribbean flair awaits you on the Adriatic Sea. Yet the absolute Caribbean flair awaits you on the Adriatic Sea. At the top of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia is the Kraljicina Plaza of Nin - which translates as "Queen's Beach". It is said to have gotten its name from the wife of the country's first king, who often sought relaxation here. 

The beach also gets the wellness factor from its healing mud from the largest mud lagoon in the country. Rub yourself with it to do your skin some good and relieve tension. 

Afterwards you can relax in the sun and enjoy the view of the azure water. Or you can go back to the historic town of Nin and see the Sveti Kriz, the smallest cathedral in the world from the 9th century. Just never forget to wear plenty of sunscreen while you're there. 

Five destinations in Europe that feel like the Caribbean: Our less-less travel tip 

Some of the destinations we have presented to you are still real insider tips. If you are looking for peace and quiet, we recommend that you travel in the low season. There is not so much going on at the beaches and you have the Caribbean scenery almost for yourself. However, for a warm-weather guarantee, make sure you don't travel too early or too late in the year. After all, we are still in Europe.

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