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From glamorous to rustic: camping rediscovered

You do not know where to go on your next trip? Then think about camping! Forget soggy sleeping bags or hard sleeping pads: If you're camping, you have a wide range of options today, from places in the middle of nature to real glamping addresses. We help you to find out which camping type you might be. And then all you have to do is choose...

Accommodation: Are you fabric, wood or sheet metal type?

There are two types of campers: those with solid walls around them (sheet metal or wood) and the tenters with nothing but fabric between them and the wilderness.


Sleeping in a tent is considered by many to be the most original way to camp. Today, there are numerous tent variations, from quickly erected throw tents to models with inflatable poles to multi-chamber tents for large families.

Tent folding trailer

A whole house tent is compactly packed in a car trailer and unfolded on site. From the flat trailer, the tent can be unfolded in a few simple steps and remains firmly attached to the trailer on site.

Roof tent

Transported on the roof of the car and also set up on the roof on site. You sleep high above the ground, which reduces, for example, crawling animal occurrence. For nightly trips to the toilet, however, you must be able to climb...

Camper van 

Do you like to travel spontaneously and love touring? Then a compact camping van might be the right thing for you. With such a van you travel uncomplicated, because it drives almost like a car.


On the road, the cozy home always with you: With the camper you are flexible and yet have a certain comfort such as a bed, a kitchenette, a toilet. Steering the camper needs some practice, but is not too difficult.


Caravan fans are campers who are loyal to the place. The area is explored from "your" campsite: The caravan is unhitched and you remain mobile on site.


If you find wood particularly quaint, there are many options: From camping barrels to circus wagons to original tree houses or chalets: Numerous places have such delicacies on offer.

Remains the agony of the place choice

There are not only numerous campsites, but also their orientation is very different. Be sure to check out the detailed site plans for this!

The nature campsite

Here you camp directly in nature, in the middle of the mountains or on the beach. The nature campsites are mostly off the beaten track (stores and pubs are further away) and are usually simply equipped. Electricity and water are not always available at every site. But they are often relatively cheap, but sometimes the hot shower costs extra.

It's best to ask yourself the following questions beforehand:

- Do you need your own power supply at the site? 
 - Do you have your own toilet or do you mind a longer way to the toilet (also at night)? 
 - How important are warm showers to you if you don't have your own? 
 - Do you need a common infrastructure like washing machines, refrigerators, cooking facilities or even freezing facilities (sometimes interesting for anglers)?

Our tip: The Swedish site Getnö Gard is located at the nature reserve Åsnen in Småland and offers nature lovers great pitches with a view of the lake and numerous outdoor activities. Electricity is included, as are hot showers.

The luxury campsite

Luxury campsites are often found in particularly beautiful places, but not necessarily in solitude. There are often attractive excursions nearby, as well as shopping and nightlife opportunities. The facilities can include a whole range of leisure options: From animation and wellness offers to creative courses or excursion packages, many things are possible. This is also reflected in the price ranges.

You'd best ask yourself the following questions beforehand:
- How important is a fixed budget to you? In this respect, you should check the offers: What is included, what do you have to add? 
- Who insists on which offers? What is dispensable?

Our tip: There are campsites that are in no way inferior to hotels in terms of what they offer, like Rosenfelder Strand on the Baltic Sea.


For those who like luxury camping, but want to do without their own equipment, Glamping (GLAMourous CamPING) is the place to be: Simply rent a comfortable accommodation on the campsite. Many campsites now offer glamping options. Here you have to check your budget beforehand: There is no upper price limit for glamping offers...

Our tip: At the Allweglehen camping resort in Berchtesgadener Land, glamping fans will find their happiness in the Camping Barrel or Wood Lodge.

Family campsites

Places where there is a lot of fun and games are perfect for families. That's why family campsites, for example, like to be found near beaches with water sports facilities or on farms with animals and hands-on activities. It counts on these places not only by well-designed playgrounds, also additional activities such as handicraft or theater groups are important. For budget planning check the price ranges of the individual places: Small children often travel for free, and the adult rate usually applies from the age of twelve.

Check with your family beforehand:
- Who wants to experience what on vacation? 
- Does the family want to participate in activities together, or are explicit children's programs important? 
- What excursion destinations in the area can be reached and how? 
- How important is peace and quiet for you? And how far are you willing to travel to the destinations? Clarify with all fellow travelers who would like to see what and when, and how this can best be combined. This prevents disputes on site. 
- If shopping is an essential part of your vacation, consider in advance whether you will run up against transport capacity limits. For example, think about practical bags for your bike or comfortable backpacks early on.

Our tip: Campingpark Kühlungsborn is a popular family campsite on the Baltic Sea. If you're lucky, you'll snag one of the beach plots.

Campsites for athletes

Trendy sports meeting points are often located directly at the corresponding area, for example at a surfing beach or near good trekking trails. Sports camps often work together with local providers. Depending on the sport, there are also their own sports facilities, such as riding halls, climbing walls or swimming pools. Sports campsites tend to be in the upper price range. 100 euros a day for two adults and one child is quite common, and that's without booked sports courses.

Many sports campsites are the preferred meeting place for the respective "scene". The atmosphere is relaxed, characterized by sports talk. On many campsites you can try out sports. It is best to ask in advance:
- Do all fellow travelers want to practice the sport in question, or do they need alternative offerings nearby? 
- Do you need equipment or service offers for the material nearby? 
- Do you need courses or coaches?

Our tip: Kayakers love the emerald green Soča River in Slovenia. Camping Koren is a perfect starting point for this.

Luggage tips:

- Multiple bags in different sizes and colors make camping management easier: one bag color for dirty laundry, one color for swimwear, one color for each traveler.... 
- For reliable storage that also keeps out creepy-crawlies, an easy-close suitcase is a good choice. Models come in many sizes, making a suitable option for any camping accommodation.
- For the daily trip to the sanitary facilities, practical toilet bags for hanging up are a good idea. Not all campsites have enough storage space in the shower & co... 
- It is also advisable to have waterproof backpacks or bags for excursions, be it hiking, biking or paddling. If you plan to do a lot of water sports, you should even think about completely waterproof transport utensils. 

As you can see, anyone can go camping! With a little preparation and planning, you can have the vacation of a lifetime. And you may never want to travel any other way again...

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