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Adventure Scandinavia: Experience nature in winter

Dog sledding through Lapland, dinner with Santa Claus and staying in an ice palace - Scandinavia takes you into a unique parallel world in winter. Once you've decided on one of the incredible experiences here, you'll feel like you're on vacation on another planet...

Look forward to nature and culture, activities that you can only do in Norway and the like and scenery that is the epitome of winter wonderland. Here are our five tips for your vacation in Scandinavia 

Rovaniemi: On the road with Santa's reindeer 

Rovaniemi is not only the capital of Lapland, but also officially the home of Santa Claus. If you've always wanted to see Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer and the other six reindeer of Santa Claus, you've come to the right place. 

The dreamy village, which is colorfully illuminated at Christmas time, smells sugary and festive and is visited by many families, is the definition of winter wonderland - especially if you get out of the northern Finnish town. How? On the sleigh pulled by Santa's reindeer of course. This will not only make children's eyes light up, but will really delight everyone - whether big or small, families or singles 

For even more Christmas magic, there are then many more activities such as the Elves Academy, a traditional Finnish dinner with Santa Claus and a tour of the Santa Village. 

You and your family can stay overnight in studios for up to five people at Lauri Historical Log House Manor. If you prefer to experience "pure nature", the Pandomes Aurora Igloo Hotel might be something for you. 31 kilometers from Rovaniemi, you will sleep in dome tents with a fireplace - in the middle of the wilderness, where trees look like snow sculptures. 

Kittilä - Living and ice fishing like the Snow Queen 

More fairytale is hardly possible: In Kittilä, Finland, stands the Lapland Hotels Snow Village - a hotel that is completely made of ice. Each snow room is furnished with sculpted ice furniture. But don't worry: your sleeping bag is of course made of warming fleece and you will be woken up every morning with a hot berry drink.

After getting up, you can then decide how you want to discover the nature around the accommodation. The SnowVillage organizes activities such as dog sledding and reindeer safaris. If you want to spend the day like "a real Finn", we recommend you go ice fishing . On a snowmobile, you drive across snow-covered fields in the Arctic forest to a frozen lake. Here you learn how to make a hole in the ice and how to catch fish. You are surrounded by unique tranquillity, the air is clear and the nature that surrounds you lets you really arrive. 

Tromsø - Dog sledding through Norway's nature 

Even if they greet you with a joyful bark at first, you will soon experience how quiet and peaceful it is when huskies pull you through a snowy landscape in a sled. In Tromsö, a Norwegian harbor town in the middle of the Arctic, dog sleds have a long tradition. In the past, they were considered an important means of transportation for bringing food and other goods to the settlements. Today, they are mainly used to bring people closer to the beauty of the region. Without destroying the idyll with engine noise 

About Get Your Guide you can find various dog sledding tours around Tromsø. If you book one in the evening, you even have the chance to see the Northern Lights at the right time as you glide over the snow that crackles under your runners. 

But it's also worth spending a few days right in the city that goes by many names. "Hotspot of the Northern Lights", "Paris of the North", "Capital of the Arctic". You can experience a lot in Tromsö. For example, the world's northernmost brewery is located here. Since 1928, the oil halls (oil = beer) have been one of the busiest places in the region. This is where everyone comes together and talks excitedly at the bar. Also a must: take a ride on the Fjellheisen cable car up the 420-metre-high mountain and enjoy the panoramic view

Harads - ice bathing and sauna in the most unique spa 

Many people primarily associate Finland with sauna culture. This may also be due to the fact that there are 5.5 million people and 3.3 million saunas in the country. However, the most impressive sauna is probably in Sweden. Genauer: im kleinen Harads in the far north.

Here, the Arctic Bath floats on the river "Lule". The wellness oasis already leaves you speechless with its fascinating look. The architecture is reminiscent of "Game of Thrones" and was created from elements of nature. The magic continues inside. Various saunas, massage rooms and a pool for traditional ice bathing that leads into the river await you. A ritual begins with diving into the cold water and ends with warming up with a hot infusion

The Arctic Bath is also a hotel. You can choose between floating cabins on the water or small cottages in the forest. What we like even better, however, is the Sapmi Nature Camp, a small, family-run camp where only 10 guests can check in at a time and stay separately in traditional Lavvu tents. Everything is inspired by the Sami culture, which you will be introduced to here. 

Hamnøy - Skiing on mountain peaks 

If you look at the old fishermen's houses by the sea near Hamnöy in the west of Lofoten, you might think you're looking at a postcard. After all, this place really is one of the most beautiful motifs in the world. Here, nature is still completely untouched in the background, fjords meander between rugged mountains and when the northern lights are in the sky, they are reflected in the water of the coastline. While cross-country skiing, you have a fantastic view over water and mountains and the feeling that the horizon will never end. Guided tours are best booked with Northern Alpine Guides or with the professionals from Hattvika Lodge

In the past, many people in Lofoten earned their living from fishing. Today, you can spend the night in one of the renovated fishermen's cabins right on the water. At Eliassen Rorbuer you have the choice between 12 different cottages and apartments. 

Adventure Scandinavia: Admire the Northern Lights 

Another natural spectacle that we don't want to deprive you of, of course, are the Northern Lights. The blue-green, dancing lights in the sky are a phenomenon of our universe that is simply fascinating. They are most likely to occur in Abisko, Sweden. You can find a separate article in our blog.

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