The Travelite Luggage Scale has been designed to be small and light weight, so you can always bring it with you wherever you travel. Know before you go, and avoid baggage fees.

Weighing Your Luggage:

1. To turn on the Scale, press the scale button for 1 second. A green indicator light will flash when ready.

2. Lock the strap around the handle of the suitcase to be weighed, and lift the object off the ground until the EZ-Weigh light turns on.

3. The EZ-Weigh light will turn either Green (Under 50 lbs) or Red (Over 50 lbs), quickly letting you know if your suitcase is overweight. The total weight is also displayed on the readout.

To reset:

Press the scale button again, and the green indicator light will flash when ready.

To switch between LB and KG:

Press the lg/kg button once after the scale is turned on.

To turn Scale Off:

Press the scale button for three seconds.

To use the Flashlight:

Press the light & lb/kg button to turn on and off.

NOTE: The Flashlight will not operate when the Scale is in use

Travel Tip:

For best accuracy, hold the Scale level and avoid touching the metal bar with your fingers.


  • Always exercise care when lifting heavy objects, and avoid overexerting yourself.
  • Regularly inspect the strap, and discontinue use if you notice any visible signs of wear.